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As Psychotic As I Must Be...

Yet another community for me to completely not remember! Yay!

Greetings to one and all. Firstly, it is important that those who join this group are aware of woffproff's Supernatural series, and love House. They don't really work unless you've got both under your belt, because most of the time, you'll be sitting there, scratching your head about half this stuff, and the other half, you'll ignore it because we talk about House.

woffproff wrote a series of stories based in Manhattan, using the Law & Order cast of characters, both present season and past. So far, the series is roughly fourteen or fifteen stories, with another in the works and a few that are incomplete. If you ask *really* nice, she might even let you read a few to figure out what exactly is going on. Having read a few of the stories is somewhat required, because it's on her series of stories that we based our stories.

As of this post, House airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST. It's a medical show a bit like a crime procedural, only they have a Mystery Patient of the Week, who has some weird illness that House, the main character, has to diagnose and treat before the person dies. Fairly straightforward stuff. The next airing with be November 1st, because it's been on hiatus because of the baseball season. :P


This is mostly a community where we can either talk amongst ourselves about different ideas and plotbunnies, as well as posting ficlet segments and such. While the idea that hawkeyecat and I have seriously deviates from woffproff's, it doesn't mean we can't talk to each other and try to have fun with it. If nothing else, we might end up coming up with ideas that one of us can't use, but the other can, which is all gravy.

So, let the ficcing begin!